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Quick Test/Heakin has almost 50 years of history.  Started back in the 1960s, by Robert Kassow, Quick Test, Inc. was the premiere in-person data collection company on the Eastern seaboard, specializing in Door to Door, Mall, Field and Focus Groups. 

In order to provide true national coverage for their clients, Heakin Research was acquired in 1999 making Quick Test/Heakin the largest owned and operated data collection company in the United States, with close to 100 mall based facilities.

As the research world evolved, so did Quick Test/Heakin’s parent company, the MVL Group.  Complete with 2 traditional full services companies, over 700 CATI stations, an online division and a video streaming division, Quick Test/Heakin has additional resources at their finger tips. 

Recognizing economic turn down and industry trends, Quick Test/Heakin formed the 3Q Research Solutions division in 2006.  This division provides economical, powerful and valuable essential market research solutions which support, enhance and complete a project from start to finish.  





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